Message from the CEO

5 - copia

Our poultry industry began in 1976 with the implementation of small industrial projects, some of them successful and others less successful, but all of them enriched our experience and strengthened our passion for entrepreneurships in the productive sector.

Since 1986 we began to expand our activities in the rest of the links in the poultry industry in which we did not participate. At that time we defined ourselves as vertical integration. However with time we removed that word, now we define ourselves as an innovative company in the food sector and think in a permanent innovation of products and services.

In Sofia we have had several stages of learning to the extent that we have the ability to rediscover ourselves. We had the orientation stage for excellence in production, then moved to a stage with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, the lasts stages were directed to the satisfaction of company personnel and environmental care.

We learned that if the experiences are not share and recorded they might get lost. That is why we decided in 2006 to certify the norms ISO 9001Quality Management and Good Manufacturing Practices and in 2007 we obtained de ISO 22000 certification for Food Safety. Year after year we expand the scope of these certifications and now we can say that almost all of our company processes are certified. All this is reflected in our Integrated Management System.

We can say that the obtained certifications are not a piece of paper on the wall, but rather it is a deep mark in our organizational culture. We learned to do things differently, looking always to be better, and this became a passion and commitment to continuous improvement. This is a real achievement and contribution from all the people working in Sofia.

The sustained growth of our Company, at the same time contributes to the growth of the economy of the country with the generations of sources of jobs and varied range of food products of high quality and safety.

In Sofia we value human capital as the most important resource in our company, as it becomes de mainstay that sustain us, the high degree of specialization achieved, by the teamwork we perform in an enviable working environment, but mostly because all the staff share the core values of the company.

Mario Anglarill Salvatierra